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Our analysis would suggest that the most recent addition to the SIBLING gene family, , arose from an ancestral gene duplication and subsequent evolution into a new gene that retained some of the DMP1 motifs (for example, BMP1 cleavage and RGD) while gaining some novel domains (i.e. a long and repetitive phosphorylation domain). It is possible that different phosphorylation motifs (using both AGC/T and TCN-encoded serines in reptiles and exclusively AGC/T-encoded serines in all mammals) were independently expanded many times to give rise to biochemically similar but distinct phosphorylated serine/aspartate-rich repeat regions that are a hallmark of DPP. The integrin-binding RGD motif was found to be independently lost in at least one animal in most branches of the mammalian phylogenic tree. However because one or more RGD motifs appeared at different locations in at least two mammals that lost its original RGD domain, we urge caution against firm conclusions that binding to cell surface receptors by DSPP is evolutionarily neutral in all species. The conservation of DPP and it's repetitive domain in all toothed mammals, including two species that are toothless as adults (platypus and baleen whale), as well as the subsequent loss of DPP in two truly "toothless" mammals (two genera of anteaters) and chicken, does suggests that the physiological relevance of DPP may be limited to the formation or function of dentin or dentin-associated structures, but additional toothless mammals (e.g. pangolins) need to be sequenced to strengthen this hypothesis.


This research was supported by the Division of Intramural Research, NIDCR, of the Intramural Research Program of NIH.

12862_2009_1213_MOESM1_ESM.PDF Additional file 1: Optimized PCR Methods (PDF 10 KB)
12862_2009_1213_MOESM2_ESM.PDF Additional file 2: Optimized Sequencing Primers (PDF 11 KB)
12862_2009_1213_MOESM3_ESM.DOC Additional file 3: The DPP sequences of 26 mammalian species and green anole. Larger Font version of Figure 3 . (DOC 56 KB)
12862_2009_1213_MOESM4_ESM.pdf Authors’ original file for figure 1
12862_2009_1213_MOESM5_ESM.doc Authors’ original file for figure 2
12862_2009_1213_MOESM6_ESM.doc Authors’ original file for figure 3
12862_2009_1213_MOESM7_ESM.pdf Authors’ original file for figure 4

DM participated in the cloning, molecular genetic analysis, sequence alignments, and drafted the manuscript. LF designed the project, participated in the molecular genetic analysis, as well as contributed to the writing of the manuscript. Both authors have read and approved the final manuscript.

Spontaneous regeneration of the corticospinal tract after transection in young rats : a key role of reactive astrocytes in making favorable and unfavorable conditions for regeneration .

Iseda, T; Nishio, T; Kawaguchi, S; Yamanoto, M; Kawasaki, T; Wakisaka, S

We demonstrated the occurrence of marked regeneration of the corticospinal tract (CST) after a single transection and failure of regeneration after a repeated transection in young rats . To provide convincing evidence for the complete transection and regeneration we used retrograde neuronal double labeling. Double-labeled neurons that took up the first tracer from the transection site and the second tracer from the injection site caudal to the transection site were observed in the sensorimotor cortex. The anterograde tracing method revealed various patterns of regeneration . In the most successful cases the vast majority of regenerated fibers descended in the normal tract and terminated normally whereas a trace amount of fibers coursed aberrantly. In the less successful cases fibers descended partly normally and partly aberrantly or totally aberrantly. To clarify the role of astrocytes in determining the success or failure of regeneration we compared expression of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), vimentin and neurofilament (NF) immunoreactivity (IR) in the lesion between single and repeated transections. In either transection, astrocytes disappeared from the CST near the lesion site as early as 3 h after lesioning. However, by 24 h after a single transection, immature astrocytes coexpressing GFAP- and vimentin-IR appeared in the former astrocyte-free area and NF-positive axons crossed the lesion. By contrast, after a repeated transection the astrocyte-free area spread and NF-positive axons never crossed the lesion. It appears likely that the major sign, and possibly cause of failure of regeneration is the prolonged disappearance of astrocytes in the lesioned tract area. Copyright 2004 IBRO

Urtica Dioica Distillate Regenerates Pancreatic Beta Cells in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats .

Gohari, Ali; Noorafshan, Ali; Akmali, Masoumeh; Zamani-Garmsiri, Fahimeh; Seghatoleslam, Atefeh

Urtica dioica is known as an anti-hyperglycemic plant. Urtica dioica distillate (UD) is a traditional Iranian drink, locally known as "aragh gazaneh". In spite of its widespread consumption in Iran, according to traditional Iranian medicine, there is no scientific report on the usefulness of UD for diabetic patients. This survey was designed to evaluate its protective effects for the recovery from diabetes by determining the serum insulin, blood glucose, volume of pancreatic islets, and the number and volume of β-cells in diabetic rats . A total of 48 Sprague-Dawley male rats (200-250 g) were randomly distributed into 6 groups (n=8), including non-diabetic plus distilled water (DW), non-diabetic plus UD, diabetic plus DW, diabetic plus UD, diabetic plus insulin, and diabetic plus glibenclamide. DW, UD, and glibenclamide were administered via intragastric gavage and insulin was injected subcutaneously. After four weeks of experiments, blood samples were collected for serum insulin and blood glucose assay. Pancreas was also evaluated using stereological method. The SPSS software was used for statistical analysis. Kruskal-Wallis, repeated measurements, and Mann-Whitney U test were applied for comparisons between the groups. The treatment of diabetic rats with UD reduced the blood glucose dramatically (P<0.001) and increased serum insulin levels significantly (P=0.03) in comparison to the diabetic plus DW rats . Treatment with UD did not affect the mean β-cell volumes in the diabetic rats when compared to the diabetic plus DW rats , but the islet volumes and β-cell numbers were significantly recovered. UD treatment in diabetic rats improves hyperglycemia by partially restoring plasma insulin levels. The data suggest that UD prevents islet atrophy and/or regenerate pancreatic β-cells.

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Combine explosive distance and exceptional control with Callaway Superhot Golf Balls. Callaway’s proven aerodynamic design promotes low drag and optimal lift to keep the ball in the air longer with a stronger flight for dramatic distance gains through the bag. The 3-piece construction utilizes a low-compression Polybutadiene core, HPF Ionomer mangle layer and a soft Ionomer cover to generate incredibly soft feel and increased short game command.

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While multilens smartphone cameras date as far back as , it’s thanks to advances in A.I., shrinking camera module technology, and the increased size of the average smartphone that it’s become a full-on trend. And three cameras, which may sound excessive, is the natural progression as photo-taking increasingly becomes one of a phone’s most vital functions. A third lens can further optimize the detail, zoom capabilities, or scope of a photo, but it can also be used for special effects typically reserved for third-party lens accessories , giving users fun new ways to capture memories. At this point, it’s unclear whether three camera systems like the P20 Pro’s or LG’s reported upcoming handset will be more of a novelty for photography die-hards or evolve into the new standard. But if the adoption of dual-lens systems is any indication, it’s an idea we’ll definitely start seeing more often.

Android Apple iPhone Photography Smartphones

Christina Bonnington is a technology writer whose work has appeared in Wired, Refinery29, the Daily Dot, and elsewhere.

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